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 ~ lil Husna ~

 Hi all's..look at me! dont afraid anyway! im not a tiger!...im a cute lil princess of my mama and ayah! yesz..i am everything for both of them...as my mama said I am her sunshine..without me her life would be meaningless!! My ayah..he is so sweet..the way he treat me like he is the best father in the world! Kenny Rogers is my favourite food! i dont like porridge at all! Aunty Berry always jeleous at me because she never eat Kenny Rogers for the rest of her life..hik3~

I have a lot of friend in my school...yesz! i'm school already laaa...since my mama and ayah works...so nobody can look after me..then I have to go to school everyday! thats really common for young generation to be in school at the early age..don't surprise ok! :) My friends called me Naaaaaaa!

One of favourite movies are Upin and Ipin while my favourite songs are Bapaku Pulang! hik3~ thats really good songs and the best songs in the world anyway..so far i never heard the best song like Bapaku Pulang...;p

My favourite toys is my ayah stetescope...I check my mama if she get flu and later I gives her my milk to drink so that my mama can get well soon (;p)  My ayah always scold me whenever I use his stetescope..he said there are many of germs and bacteria in the stetescope...but I never care about that hohoho...Besides, I love to plays with cats..my mama is a cat lover! Until now, she have about 20 cats at home!

this is my mama and ayah during Hari Raya!
Ok! I have to sleep now daaaaa~ :) Hrmmm mama, can you make a bottle of milk for me? I'm so sleepy now...

lots of love,

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