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Summary of The Drove Roads

The drovers had to overcome the problem of the long time journey for selling their cattle. The cattle had to be driven and organized for hundred kilometers. The drovers must providing sufficient quantities of food for the cattle. Besides that, the drovers should be skillful of driving the cattle so that the cattle did not stray into private land to feed. If the cattle driven into someone farms, the drovers should pay for any damage they had done. Then the drovers should look out for farms which lie on his route and warn the farmer to prevent their cattle from get mixed with the travelling herd. Cattles are easily frightened by sudden loud noises and may cause stampede amongst them. The drover also had to cope with robbers. The drover should be skillful enough to maneuver and not be overdriven them so that they reach their market in prime condition. The drovers must plan the rest days for the cattle so that they could get the best prices from the butchers.   

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